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TotalMass Reinforced MLV Barrier
TotalMass Reinforced MLV Barrier

TotalMass Reinforced MLV Barrier

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  • 1 pound per square foot
  • 4.5' x 30' roll
  • Reinforced with an embedded polyester scrim for extra stability in fence installations
  • Tensile strength nearly 1,000 PSI stronger than our standard barrier
  • Easy to cut (razor knife), easy to secure (drywall nails, drywall screws, wide crown staples, spray adhesive, or seam tape)
  • Ships direct from the factory, lead time depends on availability at time of order

Need to learn more about mass loaded vinyl? View our MLV FAQ.

Weight 1 LB per square foot
Thickness 1/8" (2.6mm)
Color Gray
Breaking Strength 200 pounds
Tear Strength 60 pounds
Tensile Strength 1,155.5 PSI
Elongation 76.7%
STC Rating (by itself) 27
Seam Tape Everbilt Seam Tape
Service Temperature -40 degrees F to +200 degrees F
Manufacturing Origin USA
UV Stable Yes
Fire Rating Flammability rating MVSS 302
Main Ingredients Calcium carbonate and barytes